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The UK, formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is one of the oldest monarchies in Europe. With a fascinating history and a fervent cultural milieu, UK offers one of the most interesting environments for international students. It is a country bursting with cultural energy and wonderful heritage of centuries. Its colonial relation in almost every corner of the world has made UK’s culture very pluralistic in nature, giving international students opportunities to explore the whole world culturally while studying in a relatively tiny island! Birthplace of Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, J K Rowling, Charles Babbage and the Beatles, the UK has something for everyone to explore, culturally and intellectually.

Capital: London
Dialing code: +44
Currency: Pound Sterling )
Population: 65,648,100
Official language: English

As a country that is home to one of the world’s largest financial capitals, the world’s richest soccer club-Manchester United, hundreds of musical bands and theatres, the UK offers an incredible array of experiences to live and share. The education system of the UK is a result of hundreds of years of evolution, passing through series of rigorous quality checks and improvements. UK one of the most educated nations in the world thousands of students also go to colleges and universities in the UK for a semester or a term under “student exchange” or “study abroad” programs.


1).  A great International reputation:

2). A great opportunity to improve your English

3) A Safe place to Live

4) Work while you Study

5) A Multicultural Place

6) A Great Tourist Destination

7) Complete your Master Studies in one Year!